What is EasyDefs?
EasyDefs is a tool for creating vocabulary list homework assignments. A task that is normally tedious and repetitive becomes a breeze - just type in the words you want to define, and we will look each of them up for you and generate a Microsoft Word document that you can print. Save time with EasyDefs.

Who is EasyDefs for?
EasyDefs serves a diverse group of people, including high school English students, those preparing for tests like the SAT, GRE, etc., and people with international backgrounds who are looking to become more familiar with the English language. It is even a great tool for teachers and tutoring services alike.

About EasyDefs
EasyDefs was founded in August of 2010 and has served thousands of students just like yourself. As our site expands, we would like to add additional languages and vocabulary list formats: anything that will make vocabulary easier and more fun for you! In order for our site to remain running, we ask you to keep using our site and continue to spread the word about EasyDefs!
The EasyDefs Team

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